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For the Show by Frisky the Rapper

45s Before Dawn, Singles 01 Oct 18 0

Motivation is everything. This song calls out all the people who get into music for the wrong reasons like to get rich or to have a sea of bitches. Frisky’s motivation comes from the love of music and the show, and that’s why he’s better.

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Another Planet Hip Hop / / About 2 Blow Radio collab for your listening pleasure

Brooklyn by J. Sands
Uncontrolled Chaos by Lyric Jones x Planet Asia x Tristate
Vibranium by KXNG Crooked x Frost Gamble
Low End Theory by Binary Star
Thesis by Ato-Mik
Rose by ZotheJerk x Tragedy Khadafi x Frost Gamble
Rekkquiem by Rekkhan
You Can’t Judge Me by Chiffon111 & ZZeroner
No Cure by Alloy
One Day by Nite Owl

45s Before Dawn debuts on iHeartRadio

45s Before Dawn, Official 11 Jun 18 0 2 Blow Digital Record Pool podcast is live on iHeartRadio (Clear Channel) the nation’s largest radio platform… starting today 45s Before Dawn is available on nd the iheartradio app, making featured artists and tracks available to millions of listeners worldwide. Continue Reading