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Golddigger Untold: The Maddi Madd Story

Interviews, The Wire 01 Sep 18 0

Kanye’s been tripping a long time, his latest antics caping for Trump, marrying Kim Kardashian the ultimate golddigger, turning his back on Donda’s House the charity that bears his mother’s name and those who worked to get him where he is shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone who’s followed his career. It’s all rooted in the illusion of Kanye built on this lie. Continue Reading

Opportunities to Grown & Learn | Kam Ui Interview Part 1

Interviews, The Wire 01 Jun 18 0

In part 1 of our session actor/artist Kam Ui talks about “going through it”, moving outside his passion for example as a personal trainer and the opportunities that gives him to learn and grow.
Unedited and unfiltered. Continue Reading

Lyric Jones talks activism, Mike Brown & Stephon Clark

Interviews, The Wire 09 Apr 18 0

Lyric Jones talks about activism, taking to the streets after the murder of Mike Brown, the climate in LA vs Sac in the aftermath of the Stephon Clark shooting. Continue Reading