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The Journey to Success | Gloreymi #ArtistBytes

Interviews, Underground 01 Apr 18 0

Gloreymi talks about her beginnings, passion for music and the journey to success. Check her new single “No Prisoners” and be sure to follow her journey at @Gloreymi1 Continue Reading

Day And Night | Day Veezy Interview #ArtistBytes

Interviews, Underground 25 Mar 18 0

Day Veezy talks about his new self released indie single “Go Off”, the meaning of this name and the contrast between day and night. Continue Reading

From Cali to Quincy #ArtistBytes

Interviews, Underground 28 Aug 17 0

Rafael talks about the transition from Cali to Quincy, IL and what he brings to the local scene…

Juke talks about following in @SouljaBoy’s footsteps, working with @Tarboy and his #BET @106andPark experience

Interviews, Underground 01 Aug 17 0

Juke talks about capitalizing off the dance craze and following in Soulja Boy’s steps with “Bubble Butt” produced by Tarboy (Trackboyz platnium production team), a song he purposely dropped the silliest, dumbest hook he could imagine only to have it stretch beyond his wildest dreams when he performed it on BET’s 106 & Park. Continue Reading