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FEVER New Black Milk!

Albums/Eps, The Crates 03 Mar 18 0

Black Milk asked us to give this 5-10 listens. So we did. Now we invite you. Continue Reading

Firegod: Gift of Fire by Dom Pachino

Albums/Eps, The Crates 27 Feb 18 0

New album from Dom Pachino #Killarmy Continue Reading

When the Smoke Clear [Album] by Nite Owl

Albums/Eps 02 Feb 18 0

Nite Owl wrote and recorded ‘When The Smoke Clear’ in the weeks and months following the non-guilty verdict of Officer Jason Stockley in St. Louis Missouri, for the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith. He compiled his thoughts on paper as the streets of St. Louis erupted in protest. Continue Reading

Everything’s Fine by Jean Grae & Quelle Chris

Albums/Eps, The Crates 25 Jan 18 0

“Everything’s fine.” It’s an automated pleasantry. An emotional shorthand that spares us from unpacking the truth in casual conversation. But – everything is definitely NOT fine. Continue Reading