Join the Digital Revolution!

"Official", by: - January 27, 2019


The industry is changing. The way we listen to music, purchase and find new artists is changing too. Traditional radio is no longer the ‘go to’, its struggling fighting off bankruptcy and being challenged in automobiles by streaming audio. Social media is cracking down, becoming more limited forcing artists to spend more time to reach fewer people. Downloads are being phased out. Old mediums are dying, making way for the new… changing the way we experience music.

About 2 Blow Radio is at the forefront of this change. We provide a means for indies to get heard on Alexa, Amazon Fire TV Radio, Roku TV Radio, Periscope and an increasing number of digital outlets that syndicate our station.

We level the playing field for independent artists by providing unprecedented access to live audiences and features in real time across several digital devices. In real time. Much more effective than social media because the audiences we reach are already listening.

Our newest broadcaster is Alexa. Alexa sold over 100 million devices this past holiday season.

We will be debuting on Amazon Fire TV Radio, Roku TV Radio and Periscope in upcoming weeks.

For a limited time take advantage of our Early Bird Special: featured iterview to tell your story, airplay of your single or an album/ep listening party and digital record pool servicing… increasing your reach worldwide.