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Seba Kaapstad Release New Album (International Neo-Soul)

New Releases, The Crates 17 May 19 0

Cynicism is an easy sell. We’re skeptical of harmony because the news sows division, social media runs on scorn, and tangible reminders of good have become increasingly rare. Yet there are those whispered moments of unity, those artists who effortlessly embody the ideals of fusion –those who allow us to reap the rewards that can only yielded from an embrace of different ideas, cultures, and sounds. This is the genius of Seba Kaapstad. Continue Reading

The Sixteens Vol. 1 by Frost Gamble

Albums/Eps 10 May 19 0

The Sixteens
Instrumental Hip Hop series from Frost Gamble
16 tracks, each about 1 minute long – just enough to “spit a 16”
let the project loop – write rhymes or just vibe to it
16 Volumes in total
Each volume 16:16 long

Chris Orrick – Funny Things

Singles 07 May 19 0

Let’s offer a toast to the return of Chris Orrick, rap’s poet laureate of imperial decline. It’s springtime in the dystopia, the birds are coughing up blood, the bees are dying at an alarming rate, and Michigan’s most acerbic misanthrope has emerged from winter hibernation with a clutch of doomed stanzas about cold pizza and liver destruction. His latest for Mello Music Group, Out to Sea, might not be easy listening, but it’s impossible to ignore.

Featured Broadcaster | Zeno Media

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    About 2 Blow Radio is now broadcasting on Zeno.FM

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    About 2 Blow Radio is now broadcasting on Zeno.FM

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