5 ELA’s … WILL BE TELEVISED by DJ Sicari ft Baatin Of Slum Village, Finale, J Dilla, 9th Wonder, RIP Proof!

"Mixtapes, The Crates", by: - December 13, 2010


5 ELA’s ‘….will be televised” album (mixtape)


1. WE ARE AT WAR (INTRO) produced by Black Milk ……Pretty much we wanted an intro that would set the mood of the entire project. The whole hip hop world was going through turmoil over the N word & Detroit had made an attempt at destroying it by having a funeral. We see how much good that did.

2. PIPEBOMB! produced by Black Milk……This joint was the first song that we recorded for the album. We wanted to make sure that the album was like a wake up call so PIPEBOMB! Was almost like screaming rape or fire in post 911 America. We wanted to make a statement that was just not being made in hip hop right now.

3. 5 fingaz up feat. Finale produced by J Dilla…..Was supposed to go on Dj Sicari’s mixtape but we decided to put it on the album. This song is just about 5 ELA taking it to the world of fakers and fronters. We have Finale on this record, he is one of the best mc’s out of Detroit plus we knew we would have a great chemistry on record.

4. Tantra Masters feat. Batiin of Slum Village produced by Reno Wesley…… Anyone that is familiar with the art of Tantra knows where we are coming from. Its all love and fun. We invited Batiin to get on this joint because he studied Tantra along side us so it was only the right thing to do.

5. Don’t Stop pt. 2 produced by Bee Lee……Thyme solo joint a follow up to the “Yester Years” classic “don’t stop”.

6. I Don’t Mind feat. Marcellus produced by Big Tone…..This is the song about what every guy has to deal with, his woman’s self esteem issue. We want the ladies to know that 5 ELA cares.

7. Right 2 Carry produced by J Dilla……Mudd was obtaining his CCW permit at the time and going to the shooting range a lot. Come to find out, Mudd is pretty good with a firearm…so much so that he became a faster draw with his slow hand…lol

8. Still n Love feat. Marcellus produced by 9th Wonder…..Songs like this take years to make sometimes. You have to process the situation and really get over the relationship emotionally to be able to tell the whole truth and sometimes you can still love the person but know that it will never be. This song is for all of those folks plus 9th Wonder on the beat, instant classic!

9. D State of Mind produced by Denmark Vessey….To set the record straight, I (Mudd) was there the night Proof was murdered & it didn’t happen the way they portrayed it in the media. This song tells you who did it if you listen. Big Proof 4 Ever!

10. Episode II produced by Reno Wesley……Simply put “attack of the clones” all of these rappers just started duplicating whatever was popping at the time and that’s just lazy! Even Detroit got in on it, we started hearing all of these Eminem flow jackers…lol. Detroit is over that now…lol

11. Hater City produced by Nick Speed…..Someone had to say it! Detroit has been a mess for a while and we just thought it was time that we brought it all to the forefront. Like it or not it is all true, do your research and come holla at me!

12. Riot Musik!!! Produced by Black Milk…..Really is the continuation of the “We Are At War” intro. We wanted to make sure that our audience understood line for line what is going on in this country and the world. We gotta get our shit straight or there will be world wide riots!

13. Next On Oprah produced by J Dilla…..Don’t get me started! This song has started controversy everywhere we go. It just sums up the forever struggle for power in male female relationships…..when it comes down to it God law is the only law! Do your research and get at me.

14. 5 ELEMENTZ produced by Big Tone…….This is our group anthem. We all have a verse that expresses each members place in the group and stance on hip hop…..we are the “5 ELEMENTZ”!

15. The Ending Song (BIG PROOF OUTRO)……10minute shout out song. We have never given shout outs & we wanted everyone to know that we have greatly appreciated the support. We have so much more to do and we love Detroit hip hop and what it stands for.