“Alexa, launch About 2 Blow Radio” 

"About 2 Blow Radio News", by: - June 15, 2019


How to tune into the premiere station for indie hip hop & R&b on Alexa! Enable the skill on the device by saying ‘Alexa, enable skill’. Alexa will respond ‘Which skill would you like to enable?’. Then say ‘About 2 Blow Radio’. Alexa will then confirm the skill has been enabled and will start playing it.
Once enabled, you can uses any of the commands below to launch About 2 Blow Radio:
“Alexa, begin About 2 Blow Radio”
“Alexa, launch About 2 Blow Radio”
“Alexa, run About 2 Blow Radio”

Questions? Email info@about2blowradio.com