Bo Staxx Hoodrich Radio Indie Spotlight with DJ Scream

"At the Station, Hoodrich Radio Indie Spotlight", by: - May 25, 2017


Dallas, Texas native Bo Staxx stops by Hoodrich Radio to chop it up with DJ Scream. Bo Staxx describes the strip club scene in Dallas and how it differs from Atlanta. He talks about his craziest strip club experience, which involved a dancer and a water bottle.

Bo Staxx’s new single, “Status Quo” is a follow up to his single “From a Worker to a Boss”. He talks about what it takes to be a boss, and gives insight on the process of putting in work, making smart decisions, and wise investments to move from a worker to a boss. He weighs the pros vs cons of spending time behind bars, the fire that it creates within a person to go hard upon their release, and the struggle of spending time away from your craft.

Bo Staxx talks about the music scene in Dallas, Texas and explains that although dance music is what made the most impact nation wide in the past, the city is a melting pot of various genres including street music, pop muisc, consious music, and more.

Bo Staxx makes is NFL predicitions and he his betting on his hometeam Dallas Cowboys to take it all this upcoming season. Be on the lookout for Bo Staxx’s upcoming mixtape. The project currently does not have a release date, but Bo Staxx predicts that it will make waves with his originality and real life stores. He reveals that his goal isnt to come in and blend in, but rather to change the game with a fresh approach on making great music.



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