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#Throwback Homeboy Sandman talks hip hop, BET and the impact of media

#theWIRE, Interviews 12 Jun 19 0

Raw audio of Bea (bgyrl4life) and Homeboy Sandman discussing hip hop, BET and mainstream media influencing the perception of hip hop and black people worldwide. …

The WIRE | Rome talks GOOD Music [Rome Interview Part 1]

#theWIRE, Interviews 12 Jun 19 0

Caught up with Rome on the road with his youth group on their way to compete in DC. The artist/mentor/coach talks about evolving as an artist and working with Malik Yusef which lead to a deal with Good Music. And …

Raheem Devaughn talks about love of hiphop, finding his own lane & innovating R&B with mixtapes

#theWIRE, Interviews 01 Jan 19 0

3X Grammy Nominee Raheem Devaughn talks about love for hip hop, being the first r&b artist to embrace mixtapes & the benefit of finding his own lane online and making it work for him… all from his phone.…