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The Atlanta Hip-Hop Scene

This Week's Covers 19 Dec 23 0

Ryan Cameron talks about how influential the Atlanta hip-hop scene was in shaping his career on the radio, and the talent to come out of … More

Cadillac Dale talks about Detroit, the Soulful Moaning Anthem, working w/ Rappers and the music biz

This Week's Covers 17 Dec 23 0

We go into Cadillac Dale’s collaborations with hip-hop artists, discuss his upcoming hip-hop ventures, and discuss his experiences as a creative Detroit native. The dark … More

Top 5 Free Plugins & Kits That Will Instantly Level Up Your Melodies!

This Week's Covers 13 Dec 23 0

In this video, TB Digital goes over 5 free tools that made his melodies 10x better. These include free vsts, plugins, sample packs and kits! … More