FOX Empire Actor Producer REKKHAN’s new single “Rise Up” (Chitown Anthem) and drop for About 2 Blow Radio!

"Drops", by: - November 10, 2017


Rekkhan, best known for his role as Hakeem’s producer and Xzibit’s right hand man on the hit show Empire. We are excited to feature Rekkhan in our relaunch and give music fans a chance to follow Rekkhan’s transition and progression from actor to artist, complete with interviews and snippets from the hit show! 2018 is his year. Rekkhan drop for About 2 Blow Radio!

Rekkhan and Hakeem in the studio!

“Rise Up” is a wake up call to America. The message is…”We’re sick and tired of being sick and tired. We matter”. Around here, we’re taking care of our own. Like it or not . It’s time to step your game up” – Rekkhan