Frank Dinero Hoodrich Radio Indie Spotlight

"At the Station, Hoodrich Radio Indie Spotlight", by: - June 27, 2017


Frank Dinero stops by Hoodrich Radio with DJ Scream. As an artist from South Carolina, Frank Dinero reveals the grind that is required to break as a new artist in a state that doesnt have a big music scene. His goals is an artist is to open the door for other SC artists to get into the music game.

When he’s not making music, Frank Dinero is big on family and getting money. He goes on to give listeners a list of restaurants to check out when in his hometown of Bennettsville, SC.

Frank has plans to give back to his community when he gets that big check and give youth an outlet with community centers and boxing gyms.

Frank gives his thoughts on Kevin Durant’s move from OKC to the Warriors, but reveals that when it comes to music, he’s more like Kobe in staying down with the same team until he retires. Even though he is willing to relocate to a different city to further his music, he will forever rep his home state of South Carolina.

Frank talks about his new single “Trap Forever” and his upcoming project coming soon. Follow Frank Dinero @FanklinDeniro on IG @_FrankDinero on Twitter!



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