@FriskyTheRapper talks about his early days…

"#theWIRE, Interviews, Underground", by: - October 13, 2018


On the day “The Frisky Experience” dropped, Frisky takes us back to the beginning and tells us how his love affair with hip hop began.

About Frisky the Rapper
Frisky’s music is a unique blend of rock n roll, hip hop, and comedy. Frisky grew up on hip hop, but what inspired him to pick up the guitar was rock n roll. However, he never performed music because all through out college and law school he performed stand up comedy. It was not until Frisky entered the corporate world as an attorney that he found his voice in music. Frisky quit his job and decided to pursue music full-time and he has not looked back since.

His first Lp “The Frisky Experience” comes out everywhere 9/29/2018. For information on “The Frisky Experience” follow on instagram: https://www.instagram.com/friskytherapper/ The Frisky Experience https://open.spotify.com/album/1rkQKwUBAuCulVK4e8Ofkf