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A Look at Frost Gamble & Tone Chop’s ONE debut on Itunes Top 100 Rap Albums Charts

About 2 Blow Radio News 30 Apr 18 0

Another amazing milestone in the career of producer Frost Gamble, who along with rapper Tone Chop proved indies could hold their own, as their album … More

One by Frost Gamble & Tone Chop

Albums/Eps, The Crates 11 Apr 18 0

The album that climbed Itunes Top 100 Rap Albums charts without any features, mumbling or bs. Yes, it’s not only possible, its do-able. #ANewBlueprintForIndies… More

Tone Chop Freestyle on DJ Eclipse’s “Rap Is Outta Control” Show [Sirius XM]

Freestyles 23 Oct 17 0

Frost Gamble & Tone Chop were in the Big Apple last month promoting their new album “Respect Is Earned Not Given” featuring Kool G Rap, … More