The R​.​E​.​B​.​I​.​R​.​T​.​H. by One Be Lo

"Albums/Eps, The Crates", by: - January 1, 2007


Real Emcees Bring Intelligent Rhymes To Hip-Hop

The R.E.B.I.R.T.H. symbolizes several turning points in OneBeLo’s life. He recorded the album after moving back to the United States after living in Egypt with his family for several years, and after working his way out of a record deal with Fat Beats Records. The disc was also recorded after the early passing of his daughter.

When beatmakers gave Lo a limited selection of soundbeds based on his previous material, he decided to work with a brand new crop of producers. Armed with instrumentals by the likes of established musicians like 14KT, Jake One, Vitamin D and others, OneBeLo redefined his sound while showcasing the conceptual, poetic attention to detail that has served as the cornerstone to his career.

“Born & Raised” chronicles the ups and downs of his hometown of Pontiac, Mich., and “Keep It Rollin’” pays homage to Michigan’s daily grind with the metaphorical backdrop of its storied automobile industry. “War” turns the tables on terrorism stigmas with a tale of a man seeking revenge for his falsely accused and terrorized Muslim parents, and fan favorite “Gray” seamlessly shifts between topics such as inner-city violence, insecurity with racial ambiguity, and maintaining dignity in the music industry.

Real Emcees Bring Intelligent Rhymes To Hip-Hop, and with The R.E.B.I.R.T.H., OneBeLo lives up to the task.
released January 1, 2007