Timbaland’s Advice for Artists In Their 30’s 40’s and 50s

"Incoming", by: - October 25, 2020


Timbaland’s Advice for Artists In Their 30’s 40’s and 50s

Age ain’t nothing but a number – Aaliyah

She was saying that for another reason, but it still rings true.⁣

Artists think that they have to have something done by a certain age or it won’t happen.⁣

That’s just not true.⁣

If you want something, it doesn’t matter how old you are.⁣

If you are psyching yourself out because of your age, it’s because you’re scared and looking for another excuse.⁣

No one cares how old you are.⁣

They care about how that song makes them feel.⁣

They care about how your brand makes them feel.⁣

30 is still young.⁣

As is 40.⁣

50 is when you have the perfect combination of wealth, energy and knowledge.⁣

We are just so used to seeing our music stars dead at age 27, we don’t respect what a mature artist can do.⁣

Stop thinking about how old you are and drop your music.⁣

What do you think?⁣

Does age matter in music?⁣

I wanna know ⁣

Comment in the comments. ⁣

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