Top 5 Free Plugins & Kits That Will Instantly Level Up Your Melodies!



In this video, TB Digital goes over 5 free tools that made his melodies 10x better. These include free vsts, plugins, sample packs and kits! Featured vsts and kits: Vaults BETA Vst, Vinyl Guitar 2, Producergrind ANALOG Chord Pack and FOCUS Accent Kit, KeyMajor “Lost Souls” Kit.

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???? Producergrind ANALOG Chord Pack

???? Producergrind FOCUS Accent Pack
FOCUS Accent Kit Vol 1

???? Vaults Vst


???? Vinyl Guitar 2

???? KeyMajor “Lost Souls” Kit

???? TB Digital Vlog Channel


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5 Free VSTs and Sample Kits That Made My Melodies 10x Better



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