Troy Carter Shares Tips For Success From Hip Hop to Silicon Valley #TGS #trac

"Incoming", by: - March 2, 2023


Powered By : Troy Carter shares his experiences and insights as one of the world’s greatest talent managers in the music industry, one of the only Black men in Silicon Valley and an early investor and former Global Head of Creator Services at Spotify.
He talks about managing artists like Eve and Lady Gaga and shares advice he’s received from some of the biggest bosses, such as Steve Jobs. He discusses how Black executives not only can, but need to, advocate for themselves in corporate settings, what it’s like to overcome self-doubt and what it takes to build a star.
We skipped the segments on this one y’all. This is an episode where, in the words of Troy Carter himself, you just need to shut up and listen.

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Time Stamps
00:03:13 – Troy Carter talks ADHD, modern day school systems
00:04:34 – Troy Carter on his early music beginnings and learning from Will Smith
00:09:22 – Troy speaks on managing Eve and what he learned from Beyonce’s dad
00:11:17 – Some of the best advice Troy ever received
00:14:03 – Ray and Troy on leveling up your energy
00:19:18 – Advice Troy Carter gave Ray Daniels after leaving Interscope
00:24:42 – Troy on how Black executives can advocate for themselves in corporate settings
00:27:43 – Troy talks working in the pop industry as a Black man and managing Lady Gaga during her early career
00:31:28 – Troy shares his experiences and what he learned being one of the only Black men in Silicon Valley
00:35:37 – Troy Carter talks about understanding generational trauma and being a steward for future generational success
00:40:53 – Troy on normalizing and overcoming self doubt
00:53:31 – Troys on consistency and character
00:57:04 – Ray Daniels on the difference between talking to yourself and listening to yourself
01:02:33 – Troy Carter talks being an early investor in Spotify and building out their Creator Services
01:14:57 – What Troy Carter sees for the future of the music industry 01:26:33 – Ray and Troy discuss what it takes to build a star 01:32:11 – How to leverage new tech as an upcoming artist
01:36:49 – Troy Carter shares a conversation he had with Steve Jobs



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