When the Smoke Clear [Album] by Nite Owl

"Albums/Eps", by: - February 2, 2018


Nite Owl wrote and recorded ‘When The Smoke Clear’ in the weeks and months following the non-guilty verdict of Officer Jason Stockley in St. Louis Missouri, for the murder of Anthony Lamar Smith. He compiled his thoughts on paper as the streets of St. Louis erupted in protest.

He was often writing in his apartment, as he heard protesters chanting outside his building down below. Nite Owl includes vivid details about his own experiences with police violence and misconduct in St. Louis. There is something in this album for everyone; those who have experienced police brutality and those who have not, those who have protested in the streets and those who watched the protests from indoors, and for those who simply love and appreciate authentic hip hop music. ‘When The Smoke Clear’ reminds us that Nite Owl still has a bag of bars, and that Hip Hop is alive and well in 2018.