5 ELA “5 ELEMENTZ::Don’t Stop” Official Video ::: Prod. by Black Bethoven & J Dilla ::: Feat. DJ Los



5 ELA are Detroit Hip Hop Champions, the 7 Mile Road Star Children of Motown who helped craft the art of Hip Hop in D-Mecca, from the Hip Hop Shop and Saint Andrews Hall in the 1990s to the STARFLEET Official Galaxy Sound of today. Mudd and Thyme continue the mission of growing 5 ELA to be one of the most influential Hip Hop groups of all time, and as their artistry continues to grow alongside the legacy of their partners Proof and J Dilla, they have once again ELAvated the frequency of Detroit Hip Hop funk with STARFLEET producer Black Bethoven.

5 ELAs’s original producer James “J Dilla” Yancey was the craftmaster of the sound of Detroit neo-soul hip hop from the 1990s, when he recorded locally with his talented peers in his family’s Conant Gardens basement before earning worldwide fame as one of the greatest Hip Hop producers of all time. Many original classics have never been shared with the world, but now for the first time the 5 Elementz “YesterYears” EP (1994) has been released for digital sale, available at http://the5elementz.com. The project features the original songs remastered, including “Don’t Stop”, a project that helped Thyme, Mudd and Proof (of D12) launch 5 ELA (http://reverbnation.com/the5ive) as one of the most legendary groups in Detroit Hip Hop history.

(Read more : http://common-breath.com/5-ela-yesteryears-ep-the-re-release-of-a-detroit-hip-hop-classic/)

The “5 ELEMENTZ :: Don’t Stop” music video is a sonic voyage between the classic 5 ELA rock over Jay Dee masterpieces that was known throughout the Hip Hop Shop, directly influencing artists like Eminem, Slum Village and Elzhi, and their STARFLEET Official Galaxy Sound of today, featuring producer Black Bethoven with his remix of “5 ELEMENTZ”. The two songs are bridged with a performance from Detroit master turntablist DJ Los, soundtracking the video’s story that takes places in the streets of Motown.

All 5 Elementz of Hip Hop are visualized in “5 ELEMENTZ :: Don’t Stop”, including Thyme and Mudd representing for true MCs, the graffiti artwork of Sintex, one of Detroit’s most prestiged urban artists, and live dance footage Bgirl MaMa and Stringz of Hardcore Detroit, the city’s most acclaimed grassroots breaking crew. Cameo appearances include Maureen “Ma Dukes” Yancey (the mother of the late J Dilla), DJ Head, DJ Dez, DJ LaJedi, Ambiance, comedian Spanky Hayes, the real Cheddar Bob, Vaine of Say Something, Sacramento Knoxx of The Raiz Up and more.

The “5 ELEMENTZ :: Don’t Stop” music video was produced by Common Breath Media, filmed and directed by Steve Furay, whose previous music videos and work as an arts writer for The Michigan Citizen newspaper have helped redefine Detroit Hip Hop in the 21st Century. Common Breath Media (http://common-breath.com) is a
multimedia web magazine for Hip Hop culture and global peace, STARFLEET Official.

STARFLEET Official (http://starfleetofficial.com) is the artist collective featuring 5 ELA, Black Bethoven, DJ LaJedi and more, founded in Detroit as a cooperative gathering of light bearing musicians and media creators, rooted in the principles of Love, Truth, Peace, Freedom and Justice.

Black Bethoven’s debut LP “Heat” is now available for sale on iTunes, Amazon and more.

STARFLEET ELAvation ::: Educate : Liberate : Activate ::: 2014 Love Activation ::: Shine On



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